Justie Recommends..
Sometimes it’s good to give a shout out to people, organisations and musical instrument manufacturers assisting musicians around the planet. Have a peek.. you never know what interesting www zones you’ll find here… 🎶🎹🔈🎤

Justie on Apple iTunes & More internet channels..
You can jump and click right to Justie’s music on Apple iTunes, Amazon Music, Deezer and Spotify and Youtube and more international distributors online. Search your own music service for Justie also. Plus click the small icon links at the top of this website.

Justie, Music Sessions and vlogs on YouTube Online .
Come join me and other musicians when we perform Live! plus vlogs online through YouTube. Lots of inspiration. Let’s have have a look here- —-> Justie on YouTube

Justie’s music on Cd Baby International Music Distribution 📀🎧
You can Purchase and download or grab a physical audio CD disc through CD Baby USA and their affiliates www.cdbaby.com
CD Baby found their roots from the original Company director Derek Sivers, an associate of mine whom continues to inspire new generations of music creativity and performances though the internet, and personal motivation to excel though seminars.
www.sivers.org The Genius, publisher and author that is Derek Sivers 😎

Music in the City 🎵
Join us for this event and enjoy the variety of musical performances in all manner of unique places within Southampton.

Recommended Music recording and studio technology;
Mackie mixers & live sound: www.mackie.com 🎵🔈
Korg Synthesisers: www.korg.com 🎹
Apple Computers: www.apple.com 💻📲
StudioLogic Synthesisers, Pianos, Mixers: www.studiologic-music.com 🎹

Devon Rex Cat Rescue Shelter Directory
Click below to help this charity give lovey Devon Rex cats good family homes. They are a short haired friendly breed and great for people with allergies. These loving and playful indoor felines have some cannine characteristics like being called by their name (they’ll come running!) and there’s nothing better than a Rex sitting on your shoulder or finding a warm spot to snuggle up too. Please help make a home for this needy special breed. Devon Rex cats are related to the Cornish Rex and Sphinx breeds.
http://devonrex.rescueshelter.com/uk 🐈