About Justie and His Music..
Singer song writer Justie is from England and has been performing at gigs and recording music from his early 20’s. He comes from musical parents and loves pop, rock music and synth instrumentals. His heroes include John Denver, Genesis, Lady Ga Ga, John Legend, Vangelis, Billy Joel, The 1975 and Tangerine dream.

Justie and William Westie Feb 2014

When a friend let him borrow an old Roland Juno 60 vintage synthesiser he knew that he could emulate the modern pop sounds he heard on the radio that he then realised it may not be so difficult to emulate his heroes and his own original material…

If Music be the food of love; Play on..’
William Shakespeare

Justie was a founding member of many function and cover bands and a long term member of a popular south coast rock/pop cover band. Success occurred with Justie was finishing off the album ‘Sweet Day Dreams’.


‘The Digital revolution’ means all Justie’s recordings are now available throughout the internet via USA distributor CD-Baby You can download Justie’s albums Apple iTunesAmazon Music, among many other channels.

Working with Studio28, the creative steering group and with previous directors of his 1st album ‘In Your Eyes’ Justie will release a live studio rock and blues album ‘Smooth Drive Home’ in Summer 2020.


This 3rd album is a live Justie & Co set of studio recordings and is out in Spring/Summer 2020 through iTunes, Amazon Music and Spotify. The fourth album is in the production studio 2021/22.  These new albums will propel Justie onwards and upwards.