About Justie and His Music..
Singer songwriter Justie (Justin Goodall) was born into a family of musicians, Father a guitar playing folk singer with his mother accompanying. Justie used to tag along and join in the choruses.This is how he got his first confidence to perform…

Justie and William Westie Feb 2014

From there he learnt the piano gaining many piano grades but it was when a friend let him borrow an old Roland vintage synthesiser he knew that he could emulate the modern pop sounds he heard on the radio that he then realised it may not be so difficult to emulate his heroes and his own original material.


Taking any opportunity to join and play in folk dance bands, pop cover bands and many solo stage performances he started to assemble a mini recording studio. He had successful seasons touring with a Uk based pop tribute group ‘Liaison’ gaining rave reviews in ‘The Stage’ magazine.


Justie is also a founding member of ‘Gasoline Alley’- a popular south coast rock/pop cover band. The formation of this group occurred at the same time as Justie was finishing off the album ‘Sweet Day Dreams’.


‘The Digital revolution’ it has been called now means all recordings are now available through the USA distributor CD-Baby CD-Baby giving you the means to download Justie’s two albums also the single ‘Just If I Tried‘ though Apple iTunesAmazon Music, among many other channels.

Justie had a chance to meet the millionaire Derek Sivers at an artist conference in London who created CD-Baby originally which was a great meeting of talent and minds.

Working with Studio28 Media productions, the creative steering group and previous directors of his 1st album ‘In Your Eyes’ Justie is working on a third album currently.


The album code name is ‘Maxiumus’ whilst in production. This new collection of melodies and songs reflects a varied live performance and recording history which has included radio adverts, backing tracks and voice-overs. Recording is scheduled for spring/summer 2019 and release through all the major label channels. This new work will propel Justie onwards and upwards.