Here are some of my original lyrics from my 1st and 2nd albums now available on iTunes, Amazon Music plus streaming on Deezer.

In Your Eyes
Written & copyrighted February 1995 © mcps.
Words & Music by J Goodall. Re-released on CD 20/06/03

In your Eyes, the light it always shines,
By your side, time will always fly,
As I look beyond the sunset I see Eagles flying high,
Our love will never die- in your Eyes

Verse 1:
The Holy One to you His Love was given,
The rest of your life is in the hands of our God,
The Truth is the Lord He set you free…


Verse 2:
A Saint of light is what the father calls you,
Holding to the hope that He has shown,
A walking-and-a-talking to the one who saved you Soul,
Through His mighty Kingdom to His thrown…

Chorus: (X2)